My Mother in law passed and i am so angry at her! My husband feels bad...

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August 7, 2008 9:57am CST
My mother in law passed away in November and i am so angry at her because of the way she treated my husband and his brother. She always favored my brother in laws son (my Nephew) and his children but didn't really bother with the rest of her grandchildren. My nephew put her so far into debt and now were left with the mess! She took out a mortgage on her house to pay off credit card bills and she aways told us that she would never have charges and all of a sudden we find out she paid off over $10,000 of charge bills and he was on the accounts! The house she has is falling apart and with the economy the way it is the house is sitting needing repairs with now a mortgage that we cannot afford. When my husband would tell her about his nephew taking advantage of her,she defends him. He would swear at her,take money from her and she would deny it all. My husband i know feels bad that he lost his mother and yet he is so angry that she lied to him about the charges,the mortgage,his nephew taking so much advantage of her and he asked her about it so many times and she lied to his face. She even lied to my husband about buying a head stone for my father in law,when we went to the cemetary we couldn't find him (we haven't bought hers yet) because she never bought him one when she said she did! I've run out of things to say to him to make him feel better,any suggestions would help.
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8 Aug 08
Some ppl are so blinded by their love for another person that they can't see what is right in front of their eyes. Hubby's mom is like that. One of his brothers bleeds that woman dry and she just keeps on giving to him. To a point my Mom is the same. She has helped all of her kids (4 of us) out at times. The difference is I hate to ask her for any help...even when I know I really need it. It makes me feel like a little kid again. The best I can suggest is let your husband vent, and you too. Maybe look at some counceling to help you through it. You also might contact the creditors and see if the fact that she's deceased can stop the collections...better yet talk to a lawyer to see if they can still collect. I wish you lots of luck. **AT PEACE WITHIN** ~~STAND STRONG IN YOUR BELIEFS~~
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