Came to an Agreement

United States
August 7, 2008 10:18am CST
Yesterday me and Mike met with my lawyer. As it turns out he never had a lawyer in the first place. He was just trying to scare me into thinking he had some hot shot lawyer. Anyways, after about an hour we came to an agreement. I will have her 4 days a week and him three and we will switch every week. We are still keeping our conference date for Sept 12. We both have to take a parenting class and my lawyer said if we don't take it by the time the actual hearing if then we can't present any evidence against the other. I am gonna register for my class tomorrow. It's $40 and I think it's a one time thing. I bet Mike doesn't even take his class. Oh yeah and now he wants to get back together!! ROTFL!! That's a good one. It makes me sick that he thinks I would take him back after what he just put me and stephanie through, not to mention all the reasons I left him in the first place. Yeah right, whatever.
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• Canada
7 Aug 08
I couldn't imagine going through stuff like that. Don't you just sometimes wish he was never even in her life at all, just so that it would be easier? I'm a single mom. My daughter's father has never been in her life. he doesn't even know she's a girl because he cut all ties with me when he found out I was pregnant. i tried so hard to contact him so he could be in her life and help me with support and much needed me time but had no luck. I finally gave up looking for him when my daughter turned 1. She is 5 now and I thank the Lord every day that I didnt' find him. I hear all the crap my friends go through with low life dads and no support and children who are confused why daddy didn't pick them up and all that stuff. I know it sounds greedy, but I'm glad she is all mine and I don't have to share her. I work a good job while she stays with my mom and I am able to pay for her myself. I'm sorry for all the bad stuff you and your daughter are having to go through and I hope everything works out to your favor.