How would you feel if........ (2)

@pillusch (1149)
August 7, 2008 10:31am CST
You're are in your house in Mexico, sitting peacefully at the kitchen table, posting on myLot. Your two boys, 12 and 13, are supposedly visiting with friends. Your cellphone rings. A weird child's voice whines something, you can't make out what it says, it just sounds very strange. Then a very threatening male voice shouts at you.'If you go to the police, we will hurt them, or worse. We have kidnapped your children!' You call their friend's house, and it turns out that they are happilly playing there. And everybody (with the kind of 'stupid you' tone of voice) tells you not to worry, that's how things are down here. I have been living in this country for 20 years, but there are things I don't get used to.....
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• United States
7 Aug 08
i owuld call the cops and tell them about it so that if there is a child that needs help then they will be able to get some type of lead on it. or if there is someone pranking then they can stop it.
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@Chevee (5915)
• United States
4 Sep 08
It would bother the heck out of me. I couldn't rest for days, I would be a nervous wreck. If I had caller ID on the phone, I would pass it on to the police. Then I would have to call a friend or somebody and let them know what had just happen. And pray that it is a prank call.
@callyw (191)
7 Aug 08
That is very scary. I would probably ring the police even if they were not my children. The call could probably be traced. That is an awful position to be in.
@riyasam (16574)
• India
7 Aug 08
oh......the situation is really bad.i would go crazy with worry if somethings go wrong.
• Philippines
7 Aug 08
There may had been a mistake in calling a number. Probably, the real parents of the kidnapped child.
@sedel1027 (17854)
• United States
7 Aug 08
I would call the police so that they could trace the call and try to help the kid.