August 7, 2008 12:45pm CST
i m allergy to cold as my father has it n its heridity to me. when i was in india specially during my schooling i use to have too much of cold n sneeze all day n i was just avoiding most of the fruits which causes cold, i wasnt using cold water n always used hot water, n was so tired of sneezing and most of the times i could find blood stains when i sneeze, it was so difficult to manage n get annoyed front of others due to this. my parents did all treatments n also tried ayurvedic medicines too but it didnt help me for long n it was just effectful for short purpose. but as i grew it got reduced a little n i just use to fall ill again n again when i was india but now from the time i have come to germany i really tell u n i m also surprised that i dont fall ill here n it is sometime that i fall sick n i m really fit here n it also applies to my husband n son too.
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@klaudine (3651)
• Indonesia
7 Aug 08
I have the same allergy... but I think you get it worse than I do. Well.. my parents asked the doctor, and the doctor said that my allergy won't bither me too much if my body is healthy. Have you tried exercises? Exercise makes our body warmer, and make you healthier. If you are healthy the allergy won't attack you as bad as it was... good luck and have a nice day
• India
7 Aug 08
yes might be u r right n thanks for the advice n also for the response thank you