I love my minilife...:-0

@insulin (2483)
August 7, 2008 2:23pm CST
I'm a member of this site called myminilife where you can create all of the things that you are always dreamin on how you design your house...:-0 I'm a member to it for almost 5 months now and I created about 3 houses...:-0 it is really nice because you can really buy things in the shoppin area and you will have your money so that you will able to buy stuffs that you need and it's a perfect site for those people who's planning to be an interior designer because it is really a good practice out there...:-0 Well you better visit the site...It's www.myminilife.com Try it out guys and you will love it...:-0 It's fun I assure and yeah I forgot to tell,now they put a neighborhood so that you and your friends house will be connected...:-0 Goodluck then...:-0 Thanks...Feel free to leave a comment...
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