Where should I publish... Triond, AssociatedContent or InformativePost?

@Lejandro (1530)
United States
August 7, 2008 3:55pm CST
I have written a nice article but trying to decide where should I publish it? Triond, AC or IF? I registered for al 3 but have not done anything yet. What do you guys suggest? Where can have maximum exposure and income? Which is reliable and pays relatively fast? Thanks for your inputs.
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@paid2write (5202)
9 Aug 08
If you publish at Triond you really need to post many articles if you want to make money, as one article may only earn a few cents each month from page views. I have a few articles at Triond, and they earn me a little each month. If you promote your Triond articles you will earn more from them. If you write on popular topics you can earn plenty at Triond but the people who earn most have posted hundred of articles and promote them.
@samar12 (991)
• India
7 Aug 08
I have not heard about Triond (is this for international people too?) but I have tried InformativePost.I wrote one article there but it's still in the line for the past one week. Hope they accept my article soon. I like the rates that this site offers. I don't think any of the other site will offer you that much so you should post it on InformativePost.What's your name there? We can read each other's articles if you wish you to. Have fun posting here.
@Lejandro (1530)
• United States
7 Aug 08
Sure. but currenty I have no content. I'll add you as my friend and help each other later on. I made posting this in Mylot category, should have been on extra money category. hehe. Thanks.
@oscar6 (1939)
• United States
1 Sep 08
Why not publish it on a few of them? I know that associated content has the option of nonexclusive rights. This way you can make more money with just one article. If you cannot do this I would suggest associatedcontent since I have had a lot of luck with them since I joined over a year ago. I have made over a hundred and thirty dollars.
@meiji15 (664)
• Philippines
21 Aug 08
i would suggest informative post. i have earned $14.56 from a couple of articles that have been approved plus a few articles ive written for one of their partners. right now, i still have 5 articles for review. when i started with IP, i immediately emailed the owner (douglas brown) and why my articles have been in queue for a week. he immediately replied to my query and clarified that you must have a high AP rating (author priority). right now, i only have 20...hehehe, im really having a hard on how to increase the same. if you want we could exchange usernames so i can comment on your writing (and you can do the same in the articles ive written). Ette_Rual is my psuedonym.