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August 7, 2008 4:31pm CST
When Miss Gwen first came on the scene several years ago with No Doubt, I enjoyed the music, but didn't find the music to stand out too much from everything else on the radio. Well, recently, as I was adding some music to my IPOD, I rented one of Gwen's solo CD's from the local library to check out. I was blown away by the uniqueness and raw creativity that is her music. Every song was different- which seems so rare in mainstrean music nowadays. There are so many artists who put out song after song that, to me, sound curiously familiar to all their previous recordings. But not with Gwen Stephani. She is a true artist. I think the song I enjoyed the most was Harajuku Girls- a combination of fun, culture, and musicality. What do ya'll think?
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@lannav (75)
5 Sep 08
She's super dooper cool. Check out outube cus they have footage of her when she was at high school and she was even making cool costumes then and performing with No Doubt. Her voice changed a little but still sounds distinctive and cool. I love wind it up the best.
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7 Aug 08
i think she was better in no doubt. her first solo cd was good, but the second one was kind of boring. I miss the old gwen with braces and pink hair