I Wouldn't Know How to Live

United States
August 7, 2008 5:06pm CST
I wouldn't know how to live if I didn't have anxiety attacks on the regular. I have one if things aren't picked up in the house. I have one if I don't have enough money. I have one if I feel like I am doing all of the work. I have one if my kids or husband upset me. I have one if someone looks at me wrong in a store...I could go on and on.
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@realgem1 (260)
• India
8 Aug 08
You should start ignoring these attacks, they are harm less, these are mental tensions and i beleive that every one on earth have problems, it depends on individual how you face it. You should not keep having problems , you should start looking for solution and only then you can resovle each and every issue that you are facing. Think positive Be positive Get positibve check my profile i have site for anxiety attacks , you might be benefitted
• United States
28 Dec 08
Panic attacks just dont go away by merely thinking away--they come from learned behavior and fears that usually call for cognitive behaviorial therapy to get at the things that trigger such strong episodes of anxiety and without support or therapy very easy to relapse
@sylvrrain (659)
• United States
7 Aug 08
I used to have attacks like that, but then I just said F*** IT. Why am I so darn worried or upset about something so trivial. I am ruining my joy in life because everything is not going my way. Am I so selfish that I am probably making everyone else's life miserable? I had to teach myself not to worry what anyone else thinks about me, or my family, or the things I do. I had to teach myself not to be so contolling. I had to teach myself to find joy in the littlest things. It was one of the hardest things to do. I am glad I did, everyone in my household is happier. I am happier. And, isn't that all that matters in the end, anyway? Take it light.....