About Drunk Men

August 8, 2008 12:28am CST
why do most men likes to drink alcoholic drinks. Sometimes this is hard for me to understand, because they get nothing for drinking...just a hole in their pocket and a headache. but maybe that is just their way of relaxing and they probably can’t also understand why women go to the salon and spend so much time conversing with their girlfriends and even sharing personal and private things with them. By the way is it true that drunk men tell the truth and say what is really on their mind. i have thought of this discussion because my boyfriend gets so talkative and quite irritating when drunk. I am quite disappointed with this behavior because i prefer that he say those things to me when he is not in the influence of alcohol. I also said that when he’s drunk, please don’t talk to me anymore just sleep, but he keeps on doing that then says sorry the next morning.
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