Why does it have to be Starbuck`s, Tim Horton`s or Balzac ?

@Tasche (138)
August 8, 2008 2:23am CST
Hello Coffee and or Tea junkies, is anybody here who can explain why thousand of people pay a barefaced price for a cup of coffee or tea ? Yesterday I was invited to a Starbuck`s smoothie - honestly I would never buy one for me myself. I choosed the smallest cup because I didn`t like to exploit my spender. He had to pay 4,30 Euro !! And I stood there mouth open in disbelief. 4,30 € is about 6,70 US-Dollar for one small cup. On my way to work is a "normal" Bakery. To be hip and go with time, they are offering such things like Latté, Capucchino and frozen drinks too. I started now to boycott Starbuck`s and all the other mentioned above and buy my smoothy in a bakery. There I can have it for 2,50 Euro ( 3,90 USD) and it tastes fantastic too. It has to be Tim Horton`s or Starbuck`s for you ? Or don`t you care ? What do you think about the prices ?
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