Importance of the avatar which is appearing before your name.

August 8, 2008 9:03am CST
Hi friend, I am curious to know as how many of you like my avatar.Should you want to change it or it looks good.Actually i am a lover of nature and sceneries around me.Thats why i chosen this avatar.Could u tell me what is the importance to keep your avatar in mylot.Share your ideas........ Have a nice day.
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@rup011 (726)
• Germany
8 Aug 08
Your avatar looks good. I myself am lover of nature. But flowers are my favorite. So I chose lotus as my avatar. Your avatar looks serene. Its really nice don't change it.You have a nice day too.
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• India
11 Aug 08
Its good to be lover of nature. Have a nice day.
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@chrislotz (8203)
• Canada
12 Nov 08
I like to keep my avatar original so that my friends and other members know who I am just by looking at my avatar. The reason I like that is because if I notice theirs I am sure they are noticing mine as it is original, and they know who I am and talk to me through postings. I carry on conversations through mylot, with some of my friends here that I have gotten to know through this site. It is fun when you have people to talk to and not just posting with no reply back. Alrighty then, talk to you later Your friend, Chris
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• Canada
25 Oct 09
My myLot Screenname, and my avatar match. My flags and my screenname both represent the fact that I'm half Danish, and half Canadian. my mother was born in Denmark, and my father was born in Canada. my sister and I were born and raised here in Canada, and my mother and her parents came over in 1957 when she was 8 years old.