Are you affected by other peoples strong perfumes?

August 8, 2008 11:02am CST
have you ever been in a queue behind someone that must of sprayed half a bottle of cheap perfume on themselves, that you are almost suffocating on it.. So bad, that i actually had to leave the queue and go further back as i couldn't take anymore of it lool. i could still taste it in my mouth or ages afterwards.. I hate those cheap perfumes or for that matter cheap aftershave
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@Carolyn63 (1403)
• United States
8 Aug 08
It doesn't just have to be cheap perfume. Some scents send me running and gasping for air be it a perfume, essential oil, or plant. Lavendar and gardenia are just two of them. I have been known to go clear across a store or outside to get away from it. A customer once brought fresh gardenia blossoms into the shop as a gift for my mother in law. I had to call her to come get them. I couldn't handle it. However, petroleum products do me the same way. I am highly sensitive. As far as the colognes, why do people use so much????
8 Aug 08
o god, not lavender haha.. that used to be popular, i dont like it, not in perfumes.. in fact i dont wear much perfume, i prefer to just have clean smell from shower products and antiperspirants. There is no need to use so much. it is over powering, maybe they spray their clothes with it too.. thanks for responding, have good weekend
@cher913 (25893)
• Canada
8 Aug 08
i am not due to a permanently stuffy nose, but my mom is, she gets a severe headache if she smells anything that is strong and over powering. sometimes i wish i could smell more, other times, not so much!
8 Aug 08
hm well sometimes i wish i did have bunged up nose really it is bad at times, dont give me headache but it hurts my throat.. no need for it, unless covering up other smells ewwww hahaha..