August 8, 2008 11:19am CST
I'm a third year student of Mathematics at Jahangirnagar University.I love one of my cousins who also loves me.The problem is, she's a year older than me as well as a year senior to me academically.our guardians don't know about our relationship and she believes they will never accept it.she is currently waiting for her honours results and they are pressuring her to get married but she has cleverly avoided a number of good proposals.she wants us to elope and marry but I'm a little hesitant.what should I do? help...!!
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@shamzy18 (2319)
8 Aug 08
i dont think you should elope although a lot of people do but i do not think that is the answer ! well if she is your cousin... then your parents must know her and might think she is suitable apart from her age .. i have seen loads of marraiges where the girl is a year or what ever older .. and also you havent asked your parents about it so you dont know what will happen if they will reject or not .. but if they do not agree and you have tried everything then .. the only way to be together is eloping but if your hesitating to do that then dont !! only do it if you are sure thats what you really want