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United States
August 8, 2008 9:52pm CST
It has been a big discussion for a long time. We in the U.S. help so many people in other countries. Yet there are people here in our own country that are doing without. I myself give to Feed the Children. Alot of that money goes over seas. I am asking each of you-- Do you think that we should send money and food, medicine, workers to other parts of the world when there are those here in the United States that are homeless, hungary and without healthcare? Do you think that this is a selfish Idea? What is your opinion?????
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@fwangaa (3058)
• China
9 Aug 08
i think we don't must to help other's becasue you will live for their ways,and if you help them ,they will depend on you.and do nothing just for your help.i see that there are a lot of persons are vagabond.and they sometimes very happy for their life and even stronger than other people.i think they will help themself to have food and don't do anything that out off themself.
@rae777 (110)
9 Aug 08
This is a hard one to answer. You see the children of Africa starving and its sad but we know we have the same problems here. The majority of homelessness here is women and children. I definitely think for every dollar spent elsewhere it should be matched or doubled here to help the homeless and the poverty stricken areas of this country. I know when I see celebrities donating time or money to other countries my first thought is what about the US.