a pit and a kitty

August 8, 2008 10:09pm CST
Pit bulls get a bad rap. I have a pit who is great, she lived with a friend of mine until we moved into our new house and when she came back, her best friend was a 9 week only kitten. Now I thought my friend was trying to pawn a baby cat off on me, but when Sasha and Belle came home, I saw the connection! Sasha sleeps with Belle, she cuddles with her, they drink from the same water bowl. Sasha lets Belle attack her, jump on her and she does nothing, she is great! She is great with my kids ages 3 and 6, she does not growl, she is laid back. I think pits usually are what we make them and Sasha is a sweet loving dog whose best friend is a kitty!
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@michelled (326)
• United States
9 Aug 08
oh i agree with you 100% they do git a bad rep , but dogs like pits ,rotts, sheperds, dobby they are what the owners make them into. I have met a lot of rotties and pitts that where as sweet as can be like your dog , because they where raised to be that way , to me the ones that attack kids, or who ever , they where made into viciouse dogs somewhere down the line. I think what people fear the most about pits is there lock jaw , but i agree with you dogs are what you make them It's really cute when dogs make good friends, her motherly instincts most be kicking in. sasha and belle