NBA or Europe?

August 8, 2008 11:27pm CST
I am sure that you have heard Josh Childress recently signed with the Olympiakos, Bostjan Nachbar signed with Dynamo Moscow, Nenad Krstic to Triumph, Juan Carlos Navarro, and other NBA players that made a slight to moderate impact in the NBA. My question is, if you are a professional basketball player, would you play for the NBA or in other leagues in Europe? Keep this in mind, if you play in the NBA, you'll play against Kobe, LBJ, CP3, Amare, TMac, DWade, and other superstars. On the other hand, if you play in Europe, you'll be guaranteed big amount of money (since Euro is higher thatn the US Dollar), car, house, and they'll pay for your taxes. :)
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• Philippines
3 Oct 08
if ever I'll be a professional basketball player i will without a doubt play for the nba because its the premier league. not all players with good talents can play in the nba. of course if money would be your basis in playing there is no doubt that euroleague can give you that but the prestige that the nba gives is extraordinary. you would be great in europe but your nobody in the whole world because only a few are avid fans of the euroleague compare to the spotlights that you will get in playing the nba. those players that went from the nba to the euroleague have no choice but to pack their stuff because teams don't want them give them a very high salary becasue i think they don't deserve to be given it anyway. they are all a bunch of bench players. i think josh childress will be just a few to be miss in there transfer in other league. there are talks that king james are being lured by euroleagues teams in 2010 but i can assure you he wont bite even if a very luxurious offer will be made because nba is the superior league in the whole world.
@slavezero (835)
• Philippines
29 Aug 08
The world is now closing in on the Americans. that's why in terms of level of play I think the European league is not that far behind from NBA. Well for me I think the reason also why choose to play outside the NBA aside from the money is that they want to have enough playing time to showcase their talent. If I'm an NBA player and not having enough playing time and asked to play for Europe and if I'm going to earn more than double I'm earning on the NBA then why not. If they see that I'm doing good on Europe I'm sure they will match the offer that the European league offered.
• United States
20 Aug 08
Well i think that an NBA player would be better off playing in Europe. They'll have good competition a big contract and not alot of publicity. What i mean by that is, they wont have alot of pressure to perform at a high level. Superstarts like Lebron James have to play up expectation because of there sneaker contracts and endorsements. There is alot of pressure in the NBA. Also with taxes that players have to pay, their contract is basically sliced in half. If you have been in the league for a long time and havnt won a ring, i think Europe is a good place to go to. Also it could be a good place for a HS grauate that doesnt want to go to college and wats to go straight to the pros. For example, Brandon Jennings, a ranked HS player in the US, had poor grades but hadd enught talent to possibly go from HS to the NBA. He figured that that one yr. of college that some players go thru isnt worth it. So he signed with a European club. Now at almost 19 years old, he is making more money than First round draft pick Derrick Rose (w/o that one yr in college) The European team he will play for wil pay for housing and car for Brandon. He somehow cheated the whole "one year stay; before NBA rule" If you ask me, Europe is heaven compared to the NBA
@rookiekan (883)
• China
9 Aug 08
i got news today,KOBE said he wanna go milan playing basketball if Milan ask him go.omg,i suppose if the trends go ahead,the europe league will be more attractive than NBA after 20 years.then which will be the first sport league in there,soccer or basketball?