MyLot is the place to have fun or it is to make smart money?????????????

August 9, 2008 1:21am CST
Do we spare time on MYlot because we can have good fun making new friends and also sharing our thoughts with our old ones? Or is your intension is just to make money be sending and recieving thoughts which is so called discussion. I feel i make many friends on my lot, and mylot is a connectivity to the global friendship network............
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• Philippines
9 Aug 08
i dont find mylot as the way to make smart money because we didnt get to have a lot in here. but i am thankful to have it.. it is also not for fun.. i find this more of a way to express my deepest emotion and to share my thoughts and ideas as well. i get to impart knowlege to others as well. so i find this as both and more of that is that it becomes my outlet to let my emotions out and tell others about the saving grace of our Lord through Jesus...
9 Aug 08
Exactly! you are right. We can share a lot of our deepest thoudhts through MyLot...
@mscott (1924)
• United States
9 Aug 08
It should be a place to have fun. Many people join here thinking they are going to make a lot of money but that isn't the case. Earning anything is great but you can't really make a great deal here unless you live at the computer. Even if you did that it would be hard to earn a lot especially when you figure the amount of time it would take. You could spend much less time working a real job and make much more money.
9 Aug 08
You are absolutely right...... No doubt about it. But just consider the people like housewifes and people who are having a lot of idle time even if they have a good job. Thease people can have the dual advantage of having fun along with earning some minimal money. And moreover they also will have a good time pass.