August 9, 2008 5:19am CST
my grandfather is a german. so that makes me i think 1/8 german blooded. do i make sense here? lol. anyway, all my life i grew up here in the Philippines so im used to speaking the national Filipino language and i didnt get the chance to learn german though my father knows a little bit of the language. how about you? do you have a german blood? do you know some german words?
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• United States
28 Sep 12
I'm 1/8 German too. My grandmother is German. I know a little German, but not enough to have a conversation. I'm trying to learn it. It's hard because I have no one to help me.
• Philippines
8 Apr 09
although i have no german blood but i still have to learn in german language so that when the german/ austrian people talks to you and understand each other. like, gutten tag! means hello!