Dare to dream! vision it and struggle for it.

Hong Kong
August 9, 2008 6:37am CST
let me introduce myself, my name is Edwin. In my opinion, i believe in dreams, a dreams that can back up me.. a dreams is always motivates me all this time. until know, i keep dreaming.. i believe that dreams sometimes can be truth. which make a unforgetable momories in this life.. what about u?
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• Ghana
9 Aug 08
What about me? Hmmmm, dreams are at times frightful though some are wished to be true.My opinion, dreams should not be true because of an encounter I had. It goes like this: In one night after a day's hardwork from a survey field, I slept empty stomarch because food was not available at the time I got home.I dreamt that my best meal was placed before me.When about to enjoy this food, the dream was interupted by a noisy wind as it was threatening to rain. 'Oh' I said to myself, 'Dreams should have been true so that I would have enjoyed my meal'. In an hour's time I went back to sleep but this time a bad dream. It happened that I was a fish and saw a big meat which I went for it and swallowed. Lo and behold, I was in the hook of a fisher man who pounced on me. There I cried out and realised that it was a dream and I said to myself, 'Dreams shouldn't be true'.
• Hong Kong
11 Aug 08
Auch! what a bad dream. well, of course if u get such dreams u wouldn't want it realized. hehe. so do i. =) but, if u had a wonderfull dreams, that wondering u every night. Have u ever dreams or maybe more like desire something? Something that keep on your head. makes u dream it every night.. what if that wonderfull dreams come true? wouldn't be nice isn't? hehehe.. btw, thanks for your comment. i appreciate it. that helps me. =)
• Malaysia
9 Aug 08
i believe dream can come true if you work on it dreams while you are sleeping is an unconcious thing. some may be good and some may be bad .. of course everyone ones only the good ones to come true from your note by dream you mean "vision" that is something we have to strive for .. i have seen someone who actually planned his moves so well that he targeted to marry a woman of high profile and he did it (but he did have the package call good looks)