My new ptr, Get in early and make money.

August 9, 2008 7:33am CST
Hi, Apologies for the cliche of a title. I'm sure there are thousands of discussions titled the same. I've decided to launch my own ptr. But i've gotten tired of the faceless ptr's out there, that are little if any help. So, my ptr is to be based on customer service, to make sure my members get what they want. I've place a chatbox on the site so that any problems can be handled by me, live. So i've decided to advertise here, Mutualgain is still in prelaunch until tomorrow, which means that you may join and refer others, but not click adverts yet. This means of course that you can get in early and refer people to get plenty of cash. I hope that this site does well. I've an array of new features that I want to ad to it when it takes off.
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