What a shameful Chinese young man.unforgetable event in my life

August 9, 2008 8:27am CST
I never met this man before ,I promise . In the classroom, I alone study. Soon there he came in and volunteerly said hello to me. And for politeness ,I returned a smile .ALL this looks normal, right . But next you know he came near to me and sit next to me and said that the first sight he saw me he felt he has met me somewhere and soon directly reached for my hands. This I can accept because he said he wanted to see my palm and told some fortunes .BUT this is not the end of this nightmare. What made me digusting is that he soon reached my hair and wanted a kiss on my cheek. Oh my god .I wonder is that I am too conservative or the world has hanged so much ? What the hell a strange man did so disgusting behavoior to me? This really casted a shadow on my heart. YOU know I can feel he didn't want to develop normal relationship but just a casual kiss. In China , I haven't seen such a shamefull man .But this even happened in school .
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@fwangaa (3058)
• China
9 Aug 08
yes,it is possible in this period.and fellow the develop ,china appear a lot of things that have done from ever.so we don't think it a lot.i think it just a particular case.but if somebody want to develop relaship with you ,are you offer him to give him a kiss? i have puzzled for a lot of times.and could you tell me the answer?because i have lost many girls who i haven't touch her hand.is she angry for me for that?
• China
10 Aug 08
Yep, a lot of male friends also said this was a particular case. I more or less console myself that this young man maybe were suffering broken relationship with his girlfriend or that he was now under some kind of pressure . You know I really never doubt kindness of every person, including man. But this event taught me something. It turns out that "Never speak to strager" is not only for children but also should be repeated to girls .What a ridiculous event! Now as for your question , to tell the truth, if the man is my type and he really likes me (even not love me) I can give him a kiss naturally. No girl could be angry for giving a kiss to the man she likes, I think.
@Frederick42 (2019)
• Canada
21 Dec 08
Such things are rather common nowadays. Some men take women for granted and they behave with them however they like.
@bellaofchaos (11550)
• United States
10 Aug 08
Our cultures are so different. I would say according to the states it's not disgusting but presumptuous. We are more casual in many things dating one of them expressing our attractions is another one and just plain more or less open about how we feel and how we express it. I think that your culture is more reserved and if you feel it's inappropriate then that is how you feel and your have a right to feel it. Sorry that I couldn't be more helpful, but as I said we have different cultures which view this differently. All in all I would say he was a bit creepy and presumptuous.