do you talk to your computer??

August 9, 2008 12:20pm CST
i know most do it, and maybe some will not admit it, but at times we all do it.. when mine is slowing down and things stop responding i will say stuff like. 'come on, i not got all day.. ok fine.. take your time.. yep i sure got all the time in the world' and so on haha..or 'now whats the matter with you' or its 'oh shut up' and hit the power button sometimes we threaten it, swear at it, call it names, or even thank it when finally sorts it self out. so, what do you say to yours?
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@zhaosonghan (1039)
• China
10 Aug 08
I talk less to my pc,i don't have this habit,when i don't bear it,then i would say 'you are so slow,i will instead of another!'.But i often saw my friends say something to computer,they say at they get angry.
10 Aug 08
hhe bet funny when seeing others getting angry and maybe telling computer off thank you for response
@roypiyas (189)
• India
10 Aug 08
yeh dude, me also have to make this sort of one sided communication though I know that all of my words are just wasted. lol nice topic really
@darksorrow (4671)
• Bangladesh
9 Aug 08
lol i thought you are going to talk about artificial intelligence. But it is different. Well i don't talk to my pc this way. When something like this happens i just get angry & start I also say something that does not make sense. Like if i play a game & then the problem starts i say go to hell or f*** off you a**hole. If i am watching 18+ movies then i say something like this already cu***** this early or hold on a little
10 Aug 08
hahahaha.. hmm abusive to poor computer lol i have called mine a piece of sh1t when messes up or like today it was F... off then i walk away.. due to connection coming and going thnaks for sharing
• United States
9 Aug 08
I talk to mine. Lol. When it slows down or something or a page pops up that says, "Connection timed out." I always say, "What do you mean? You've been working fine all day!" And I do thank it when it works fine again. Lol. Have a great day!
10 Aug 08
hi.. thanks for admitting it hehe today was not good day, as my connection has been coming and going so not been easy to get my work done here and from blog.. so few times my words to computer was F... off