August 9, 2008 4:37pm CST
my boss and my mum tell me at least once every other day that the internet is the antichrist,i keep trying to tell them that the internet was invented by human being and any awful stuff that's on there (i'm not daft,iknow that there's ome truly evil stuff out there) was put on there by an evil human being for other evil human beings to watch.They truly believe that it's the internet itself that is evil and not the people that put the stuff on it.I'm not saying that all people are evil but some of them are!They refuse to accept that people can be hideous and say that technology is entirely to blame,Are they right to think this,am i just being cynical and untrusting?or is the internet really just the messenger and we shouldn't try and shoot it
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@lilaclady (28238)
• Australia
9 Aug 08
I is sad that they think like this, the internet is a wonderful thing, it has opened up the world to everyone, when you think about it for what it does you would think it would normally be way to expensive for the ordinary working persone to have, but we can have it, it is not just for the rich, it is a wonderful positive thing, it is very sad to block it from their minds they are missing out on something mind blowing..
10 Aug 08
You are right,it is amazing what it does,when you really think about it,