Has anyone here heard of MANASA SAROVAR - the fresh water lake in HIMALAYAS

August 9, 2008 10:40pm CST
dear friends, Speaking not just of spirituality, there is one most serene, and undisturbed (at least for now) place in CHINA -- TIBET, surrounded by INDIA, NEPAL -- among the two religiously auspicious MOUNTAINS.. KAILASH and MANDHATA -of HIMALAYAS. called the MANASA SAROVAR, this is one place, where many an indian has witnessed stars of different hues and colors coming down from the skies to have a holy-dip, before proceeding to visit the mountain kailash. Has anyone heard of it? It is said, JESUS CHRIST had also visited this place, at his early ages. Please tell us your views.
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• United States
10 Aug 08
Lake Manasasarovar - Manasarovar


Holy Manasarovar in the form of dark blue waters is the most beautiful, fresh water wonder lake at around 15,000 ft altitude – at the sight of it the mind dances with wonder and ecstasy said Sri Swami Tapovanam. Manasarovar is to the south of Kailash mountain. A bath in it is stated to take one to Brahma loka and to Shiva loka – as per Ramayana. It’s water is very sweet and said to posses medicinal properties. It is about four million years old. In skanda purana, it is stated that the lake was created out of Brahma’s mind. Hence it is called Manasa Sarovar. Sanaka, Sanandanna and other maharishis performed tapas here. It appears Buddha’s mother dreamt before Buddha’s birth, a white elephant from Kailas mountain entering her womb. Daily at Brahma Muhurth time, they say Devatas come down and take bath, especially on the northern side. Some people can even see the Devatas in the shape of the stars descending into the lake and go back. Gandhi’s ashes have been mixed in these waters. It is said Arjuna is said to have received his pasupathastra here.
I have never heard of it but I went to the search engine and put the name Manasa Sarovar. The picture is absolutely awesome of the lake and it is very possible that Jesus Christ did visit this lake. I posted a picture of the lake. It is beautiful beyond words. Truly a God created lake. There is some information about the lake also.
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• India
10 Aug 08
thankyou. I am from orthodox INDIA. and as a devout HINDU, I wish, I could raise enough funds to visit this place. i HAVE personal contacts who visited this wonderful place. But, in the virtual world... I am searching for someone who has seen more of it.