So...when do u know its love???

when do u know its love??? - love happens ...
@alcazar (762)
August 10, 2008 3:39am CST
I think that love happens not in a fraction of a second...but its a constant acceptance process......if someone is doing what u dont like ...but for the first time in ur life u start liking it ....coz its being done by that person.... Dats my idea bout love???WAt bout urs????
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• United States
10 Aug 08
Its a feeling that you have with no body else. you will know the feeling when you have it.. Love is a strong feeling that when you have it, it never goes away unless love isn't real...
• India
10 Aug 08
yea thts rite...but some feel tht love at 1st sight....acc to me a person feels tht he is in love wen he cant be without seein her....u always tend to think abt her in her absense...u may have learnt a lot abt her without her knwledge....this is t 1st step i fee