August 10, 2008 9:13am CST
Have you ever had those irritating warts? I haw warts in my right hand and it looks like an archipelago, there are four of them. And I really hate it whenever I look at them? Do you have any of those? How did you kick them out of your system?
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• United States
10 Aug 08
My son had warts when he was young. We looked to herbs and found one that kills the virus that causes them and it worked real fast! (The fell off and never came back after 10 days.) It's called THUJA and can be gotten at the natural foood store, most times. I'd get the homeopathic kind? but the liquid herb kind also works good. Also..the "old grandma's cure" is to juice and onion and drop the juice/pour it on the warts, then wrap it in cotton over night. It may take a few nights and it isn't great smelling? But they say it works. Worts just come from a virus. Viruses are living things. They can be killed off.