What do ya'll think about the paranormal?

United States
August 11, 2008 6:00am CST
My grandmother died in 1990 and my grandfather in 2003. A couple months ago my husband, my 4 kids and I moved into their house. We started heasring and seeing things. Ex. a woman plays peek a boo with my 6 year old, person walking across floor, zippo lighter opening and closing (my grandfather ALWAYS used a zippo), tv comes on by itself, a man's voice, etc. It doesn't bother us. And for me it is kinda a comfort. I was 4 months pregnant when my grandfather did and I was very upset because he would never see my baby. Well I told some family members about the things that happen here and my cousin contacted a paranormal society. They came out yesterday and bought this montior thing that measures electricity in the air or whatever. They walked thru the house moving it around and it would go over in different places. GO back to that same spot and nothing happen. When they would put it near my children it would go off. They took pictures around the house and there was some white orb things. THen they took pictures of my children and my 7 year old had an orb that stayed with him no matter which room he was in. then they took a picture of me and there was one too. Then my mom came in and there was one above her too. THere wasn't one at my husband. They are coming back in 2 weeks to set up all their cameras and equipment for the night. This house is one a block from where my parents lived so I was here all the time as a kid. I stayed here when mom and dad were at work. SO what do ya'll think about ghosts and the paranormal? Do you think this stuff would happen if it was someone not in the family that lived here?
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