What is your favorite scene in the harry potter and the prisoners of azkavan?

harry potter and the prisoners of azkavan... - harry potter with his friends..
August 11, 2008 8:28am CST
Well this is for all the fans harry potter .. Well my favorite scene there is when harry and hermione turn back in time and see that harry is the one who saves his life and serius..How about you?
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@chloe_23 (43)
• Philippines
21 Aug 08
i also love the scene where hermione and harry goes back in time especially the part when they keep on interfering with the events and of course the patronus of harry.
@tthom64 (535)
• United States
13 Aug 08
I also like the scene where Hermoine brings out the time turner. It's funny when Harry tries to touch it and Hermoine slaps his had away. I also like when they return and tell Dumbledore that they did it, right when he is leaving the room after telling them to do it, and he says "Did what?" LOL.
@LimoChang (193)
• China
11 Aug 08
Er,I really need a few mins to fresh up my memories,that was years ago since I watched this one.Well yes,the scene you mentioned is a good one.I also like scenes at the end of each films,after so many things happened,they three still saying goodbyes to each other with hope.
@humra7 (178)
• United States
11 Aug 08
My favorite scene is when Lupin turns into werewolf. That scene is spooky.