"PUT THEM DOWN",the way to think of challenges and problems in our life.

@yenwie84 (1345)
August 11, 2008 9:39am CST
I had read about this article few days back, It was meaningful for me. Sometimes we tend to go around the problems and never try to put them down. We would be very stressed about the problems if we do so. The longer time we hold the problems,the more tense we would be, and the more miserable life we would have. So "PUT THEM DOWN" really makes sense and it's important for us to think in this way. Imagine we are holding a glass with water,if we hold it in a short time then we put down,we will not feel anything. But what if we hold it for longer time,our hand will start to feel numb and fatigue. It's not the volume of the water that causes the numbness or fatigue but the time we hold it.Hence,don't ever hold our problems for too long,the longer time we involve in the problems,the more we would suffer. We must " PUT THEM DOWN" at the end of everyday in order to start a new day with strength to handle any challenge and issue that comes our way. Do you agree with me? How many of you can really make it? Please give your comments,have a good day.
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@kayedanda (1850)
• Philippines
11 Aug 08
I totally agree with you. since problems are inevitable parts of life, we cannot do anything to stop it from coming to us. however, we must not dwell on challenges and problems because life is too short to deal on the negative. we must, therefore, take problems as they come and not worry too much about it, no matter how big, because the Lord will never give us challenges that we cannot handle. have a good day too :)