Terrific situation for friendship, what you do

@rkrish (3003)
August 11, 2008 10:12am CST
You are having a bike and you have two friends. (Say one is boy and other is girl.) You are riding a bike and there is heavy rain and storm. Due to local strike there is no transportation available in town. By that time you are watching your two friends on standing on roadside. Only two can travel on your bike. Both are real friends to you and you are very close to both of them !! Whom we miss or what you do
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@sharie16 (2213)
• Philippines
11 Aug 08
hmm you might as well receive post showing some heroism...for me, i would just say, that we better stay on that place and find a place that has a shade or a shelter either...if that could be a heavy rain, i think my bike wont work...or we might just be carried with the heavy rain...so i will suggest that we better find a place to stay and be safe...when the rain stops thats the time were going to leave the place and again i would suggest that we should all take a walk for exercise...LOL...thats being all for one, one for all...haha...
@kayedanda (1850)
• Philippines
11 Aug 08
This is like the sinking boat scenario, where you are made to choose whom will you save. being a good friend, i will choose to be left alone and let my two friends go ahead first. the one that comes back to fetch me will be the true friend that i would have to cherish forever :)