things that pisses you off

@fearie (153)
August 11, 2008 10:35am CST
people have their own unique way of being likable and liking things. Ofcourse, they also do have things that they hate even if its not that big of a deal.. So guys.. what are the top 3 things that annoys or pisses you off. Here's mine: ** Rush hour is the one that kills me now, going to and coming from work.. ** People who touches my stuff without asking for permissions. I mean, why would they do that? ** People who coughs or sneeze without covering their mouth and not saying excuse me.
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1 Jan 11
Top three things that pisses me off is: People who look for things to get pissed off about. People who can't relax and enjoy the momment, I personally like trafic as its a great time to ponder about life and I enjoy reading during traffic time, it seems for most people they don't realize thats the only alone or private time they have during the day other than sitting on the toilet, so why not take advantage of that time. People who were not raised with proper ettiquette, I also get pissed when people sneeze without covering their mouths, some people actually don't care.
@pehpot (4762)
• Philippines
12 Aug 08
Union bank in ortigas (because I hate waiting in line and from my experience there.. I was like waited for an hour) slow connection because I am a stay at home mom and my only social life is through the net my husband not telling what time he'll go home.
@kayedanda (1850)
• Philippines
11 Aug 08
top three: people being self-righteous when they clearly have NO right to be. morons who has really slow mental functions slow internet connection. augh. this one reaallyy gets into my nerves, especially because my work requires that i have fast and stable connection. being on wireless and in a location that fogs up consistently, i am forever bothered by this one.