do'nt you want alalone when at mylot

August 11, 2008 11:14am CST
While to be at my lot I personally want all alone. It gives me new ideas and I feel this time as innovative. While I am going through a discussion of a friend so may things come to my mind also. After going therough the discussion and responding back. I use to collect so many ideas in my mind to start a new discussion in different iterest. Believe me I have not to make any labour to first prepare ;a matter and then type it for posting. I usually keep in my mind while I am all alone and while at my lot I execute it. Some times after writting the material and when I edit it I am some time wondering How and from which source I have been able to write it. Really u believe me so far I have been able to post about 125 discussions and like wise responded and given comments and when I go through my profile I only get courage to only Thankis my lot thnanks my lot and finally my lotters you have made to be able to write respond and comment. Special thanks to the Mylot Platforms and so special thanks to the my looters from whose discussions I have been able to innovate new ones. How do you like to be at Mylot.
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