How do you start your morning in Relationship

August 11, 2008 11:37am CST
Here is a discussion I am starting to share between the mylotters. How do you start the morning. Is it with a good morning and so on. What do you first do when you wake up. To me it is thanks to the almight the previous night has passed peacefully with a wonderful dream, than to the wash room,teathing brushing, two full glass of fresh water and than a cup of tea together with my partner discussing the fresh news on TV. than the partner engaged in the household chore and me preparing for the office. What and how do u do.Please share
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@shooie (4986)
• United States
11 Aug 08
I get up go to the little girls room comb my hair. Get some caffine in me do a couple of things around the house or start some laundry. Plan the evening meal and try not to wake my husband because he has to work that night. Get his dinner cooked and properly stored and then I get ready to go babysit in the early part of noon. I won't see my husband until the following morning when he gets off work....sighs
@teezerob (27)
11 Aug 08
I have been in a "long distance" relationship for over 14yrs. We both live in the same town but at either ends of it. Most of our relationship is over the phone and Internet because our various jobs do not allow us to meet up and we have our respective family commitments which do not allow us to live together so, me meet up for an evening or weekend. Most of the evening is spent doing things that does not involve eating food. There is never any time to talk unless it is a life changing discussion, and the mornings are always better because everything has been said the night before and we do not have to say Good morning because the morning is good. So we try to utilise what ever time we have finishing up what was left over from the night before...thus no time for breakfast.