Made €4,42 on and getting it in my paypal account

@cyberfluf (5005)
August 11, 2008 12:38pm CST
As everyone loves topics about earnings here is another one! I play games in and I have a couple I'm quite good at if I may say so myself. So I tried playing for money and I've won €4,42. Off course will want to earn even more from you so they take €1,00 fee if you withdraw earnings, they hope you save up a lot of money before doing so as they know chances are higher that way that you lose it again. No biggie, I have €3,42 left. Then paypal comes in and will also want a share as I have a premier account. I think somewhat €3,00 will be left, but still, I only played a view games yesterday night and I reached this amount. I still have the €10,00 I put in on my account to play further and hopefully earn some more . Anyone else have good experiences with playing games for cash?
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