My Kitten is Addicted to People Food - Anyone Else Ever Experienced This?

@beckish (619)
United States
August 11, 2008 2:06pm CST
We have a kitten who is about four months old and he is just the strangest kitten I have ever seen when it comes to people food. We have three other cats (adult)- the kitten's mother and his two brothers (from a previous litter). Now mama cat is fixed thank goodness - finally caught her in-between pregnancies. Anyway, this kitten acts like we are trying to poison him when we pour cat food in the bowl. He turns his nose up at it and walks away. He is in good health and has a good weight, so I know he does eat the cat food after we go to bed (when we can't see him). He has had a minimum amount of people food - but he thinks that is what he should eat. He was getting into the trash can so we replaced the plastic can with a stainless steel one with a lid. He sat in the cubby hole where the old trash can used to be and cried for several days. If someone opens the fridge he will sit in front of it and cry. My hubby was cooking dinner the other day and shucked three ears of corn - which he left laying on the counter until it was time to cook them. When he went back the kitten had eaten half an ear - row by row, turning the ear and not missing a single kernel. I have never had a cat that would eat raw vegetables!!! When we sit down to eat he will come and try to take the food right off our plates. He has to be banished to another room while we eat. Last night my husband made some pasta - he took the butter out of the fridge and left it on the counter (in a container with a lid that snaps on.). The kitten managed to unsnap the lid but couldn't push it all the way off - so he licked what he could get at and created a butter "statue". A cat that eats butter? Has anyone else had a cat with an eating disorder such as this? If you did, what did you do to interrupt it? We don't give him people food and we try to keep everything he might get into away from him (he likes to eat my organic bread too). Please share your experiences and ideas!
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@skenthal (1022)
• Turkey
11 Aug 08
yep my cats also eat people food more than their food i have 3 siamese cats in my house and its like everyday whenever we get to the table to eat our meal they also came with us go on to the table and start to moan and when we give some food from ours they eat that more desirous than us we was surprised at first when we saw how much they like people food but later on we started to accept themselves from our family as a person and we get used to that :)
@sedel1027 (17854)
• United States
11 Aug 08
Besides not allowing him ot eat "human" food, lol, you may just need to buy a different brand of food. Not all cats will eat the same brand of food. I have known people with animals that half will eat one brand and the others won't touch it. Also, the food you give may be lacking in something that the cat needs. Like leaf greens or maybe enough fluid. You should try giving him wet food and offer things like spinach, dark green lettuce and cat grass.