weird dream about Greek signs

Greek - this just a part of the whole drawing I have to draw (this is what I remember) and it is called"TOWER OF FIRE"
August 11, 2008 9:12pm CST
I dreamed about Greek signs, actually that is what is told to me at my dream. So anyway, I am with a group of people, we have this guy as an instructor and he cut the big group to small groups around 5 people each. I know some of the people in my dream. So anyway, he told us to draw whatever he is going to give us. We can only get the picture we have to draw if we were able to tell him what is it. My group was able to guess what is it so he gave us the paper and we started to draw. We only have 15 mins to draw it in a map in its right place. We got the "TOWER OF FIRE", I am not sure about what really is it but I started to draw it, this is just a part of the drawing that I can remember.. What do you think it means?
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