romance novels

August 12, 2008 2:11am CST
whats the best romance novels have you read? can i ask for titles and a bit of a summary? tnx ^_^
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• Australia
16 Dec 09
I've read lots of romances,so do you mind if I give you more than one? One of the best Paranormal Romances: A Hunger Like No Other by Kresley Cole Okay it's about this vamkyrie girl (Vampire/Valkyrie)Emma Troy who's in Paris because she want's to find out more about her father,who was apparently a vampire. One night she meets this Lykae(werewolf) guy who's been tortured for centuries by vampires and he chases her down because his instincts tell him she's his Mate.He turns out to be Lachlan the missing for centuries king of the Lykae...Yeah, he's at odds with the mate he is given because she's a vampire.She doesn't like the situation either since he's a scary half crazy werewolf and can't wait to take him to his home so she can ditch him as fast as she can.He however has other plans,he promises to take her home (her he home)! Really loved this book Lachlan the crazy werewolf guy turns out to be really sweet,read it yourself and find out! Another romance I love is Sword of Darkness by Kinley MacGregor. It's about this apprentice weaver girl Seren who get's rejected by the guild because her masterpiece wasn't good enough.On the way home she meets these knights who claim to be "The Knights of The Round Table" who want her to come with them to be the mother of the next Merlin(in this world, Merlin isn't just a name but a title for keepers of magical objects).Thinking that they are crazy or just want to have their way with her she runs away.On the way she meets this other knight who is dressed all in black and offers to save her from those other knights...However he turns out to be Kerrigan the new evillll king of Camelot.Looks like Seren made a wrong choice huh?Or did she? I really loved this book Kerrigan was a really sweet hero, all that evilness made him more endearing.Highly recommend this book.