Sarcasm ^^

@NrgDfenZ (1810)
August 12, 2008 11:17am CST
Hi all I love sarcasm :D Don't know why but I think it rocks xD Love making sarcastic remarks ... How about you ?? Thx
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@angelia286 (2029)
• Singapore
12 Aug 08
I love sarcasm too! Although i only love it when its the witty kind, and not the 'cold' kind. There are lots of people around who think that they are so f..u..n..n..y.. NOT! Their sarcasm is more of the kind of ha...ha...ha.. rather than hahaha. I wish to meet more of those who could do sarcasm in a witty way. I have a friend back in secondary school who is exactly like that! She can say something very sacarstic with a straight face, and play around with her words so well so much that we do not know if it was a genuine remark coming from her or was it a poke at us. I still miss her.. Hehe.. I can still remember the debates between me and her, shooting sacarstic remarks to and fro, each matching one another stroke for stroke. I have not yet met another person who is that smart like her. So far, I have only met those amatuerish people with their amateurish jokes, trying too hard to be sacarstic, with their juvenuile sacarsm. I am starting to think twice on whether I love it or not.