What is the secret to making good discussions here?

@CrazCo (409)
August 12, 2008 2:12pm CST
I see some people that get 20+ answers on almost every question they ask. What's the secret to asking good questions that will receive maximum answers?
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@skenthal (1022)
• Turkey
12 Aug 08
i think its all about knowing the time when people get online most i mean at which time mylot is most crowded and making an easy answer and interesting discussion , easy answer discussion is really important because i already made interesting discussions but thinking time needed to answer these so guess what ? nobody answered , you have to find an interesting discussion topic and in the mean time you have to find a discussion topic which can be answered without thinking too much if these things came up at the same time i m sure you will recieve higher posts based on my experiences
@know21 (1251)
• United States
12 Aug 08
I think sometimes it has to do with how you word the discussion. I had a discussion that only got a few comments. Then I seen almost the same topic, just worded different that go a lot more responses.
• United States
12 Aug 08
There are several secrets. One is to ask the open opinion question: "What do you think about..." Everybody has an opinion. Another is to keep your question universal. If you ask an opinion question about something peculiar - "What's your favorite food at my local mom and pop diner?" Who is going to answer it? If it is more universal: "Do you think that McDonald's French Fries are Too Salty?" - you are going to get a better response. Another secret is to find a topic that strikes peoples' passions. For me, the best discussion that I started was about going back to sleep when you wake up at night - which currently has 53 responses. Lots of people wake up in the middle of the night and have trouble going back to sleep. Some people checked in, simply looking for remedies. Others simply wanted to share their story. Find a discussion that touches a topic that a person is passionate to share their experience, and you may find a winning discussion that draws lots of responses. Cheers!
@myklj999 (21030)
12 Aug 08
I don't know anyone else's secrets, but mine is really simple; it's the great group of friends I have made here. I'm not sure if my discussions are any more interesting than anyone else's, but I have a fantastic group of friends that reply to almost all of my posts. I give all the credit for the success of my discussions to them. Having a set of 30-40 friends that you really enjoy talking to can be much more profitable towards your discussions than having 300 friends that you really know nothing about. Cultivate relationships with people here that have similar interests to you; get involved with their discussions, give them your honest and well thought opinions and answers, and they will return the favor like as not.