United States
August 12, 2008 4:00pm CST
is this greed? well someone let me borrow me neices stuffed animal dog. so i have been sleeping with it (i am 13) the reason he let me borrow it is because my neice was takken by dcf ( department of children and families) and he saw that i was attached to it because that was her favorite toy. he asked me if i wanted it to sleep with to help me get through it. i said ok. now his girlfriend is saying that i asked him to borro it as long as i gave it back. i sed not yet. she calls that greed. also my mom has this lion that she bought for my nephew when he was in the hospital with spinal meningitis and blood infection. she only had it lying next to him in the hospital bed, she did not give it to the parents. now my uncle's new girlfriend is calling that greed too. is any of that greed?
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