i got spooked last night at work!

@skbh12 (2950)
August 12, 2008 7:14pm CST
[b]yeah you read it right. i got spooked by a spirit last night. okay ill tell you what happened. i felt like using the bathroom at around 230 am i think so i gathered the things i needed to bring with me to the bathroom. i decided to use the delivery room area bathroom because i like the way it flushes wastes. hahaha! (pardon me for my words. it may be disgusting but i felt like sharing what has happened to me.) so the story goes, i saw someone coming from the NICU (NEONATAL INTENSIVE CARE UNIT) going the same way as i was so i called Rachelle and asked her if she is about to use the bathroom too. so we both are in need of the bathroom and she decided to use the bathroom at the female lounge. so now i did my thing, i kept silent then i heard a sound of a woman just outside where the beds are moaned as if they are about to deliver the baby but in a scary tone. (by the way, patients have died on those delivery tables already). i got scared because i was alone in that area and we had no patients in labor during those hours. so what i did was sang a song to divert my attention and minded about other things especially the thing that i was doing. haha. then i kept silent again concentrating hard when i heard another moaning coming from the outside! so this time i really got scared and hurried up to get out of the bathroom. yes i know what you are thinking, i wasn't really finished at all waiting for some more minutes but i had to end it up because i really got scared. when i went out of the bathroom i saw no one. so i ran all the way to the female lounge and told rachel about it (by the way, she is a nicu nurse). then i thought of experimenting like me staying at the DR bathroom and asked my friend to flush the toilet coming from the female lounge bathroom. when i was inside trying to listen to the flush sound thinking that maybe it was rachel who moaned (haha)but i didn't hear any flushing until my co-worker told me i have flushed the toilet for like seconds ago. so now i know that i got spooked again by that area. sorry i know the story was a bit long but i got so excited for sharing this to you. hahaha! i guess my third eye has been back to work again. hahaha![/b]
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@checapricorn (16066)
• United States
13 Aug 08
Hi skbh, [i]I know that is common to areas like hospitals..LOL! I have tried that also many times! and when we are always experiencing it, we are immune with that and we're not scared anymore! But, still, we can feel that our hair are standing! LOL! Our building before(first job) was operating as a hospital for 25 years and when doctors started to leave the COuntry since it was an association, they decided to stop the business! So, when we got there, still on renovation and the ER is still intact...We have to stay in to save some money since it was in Mindanao and 2 of us are from Visayas and my other office mate is from Luzon! So, we stayed there and here comes a lot of noise, moan, laughing, walking in the hallway, everything during 2 am to 3 am in the morning! It was scary at first but when we are tired about it, we will be scolding them...LOL! I know it sounds so st*p*d but we are really...Like one time I shouted like if you will not stop it, we will burn this building! LOL![/i]
@skbh12 (2950)
• Philippines
13 Aug 08
i even said, "hey you! you are naughty tonight for trying to scare me huh. you got me there. behave." haha! but it was funny at the same time scary for having another experience on a night duty. hahah!