Please Critique my Article

@Ritz100 (1119)
August 13, 2008 3:27am CST
I am very passionate about the countless abandoned animals in this world. I currently home 5 "dumped" dogs and 3 unwanted cats, and have rescued and re-homed almost 40 animals since I came to Spain 8 years ago. Now I have written an article that tries to help people choose the right pet for them, in the hope that they wont make a mistake and abandon their ill choosen pet. Please could you pop over to squidoo and give it the once over, then leave a comment in the guestbook and tell me what you think? I need all the criticism I can get, as I am very new to article writing (its my first, so please be gentle with me) Thanks
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• India
15 Aug 08
The discussion topic is must to all those loves pet animals. Personally I also suffered lot.I had a Doberman female.I paid my all attension to my dob since it reached its 1st Birthday. I treated her like one of my family member.But unfortunately I supposed to leave from my home town due to my Job.My parents not able to maintain, because they have crossed 60. They can’t move with its tough and aggressive behavior. So, they gave up.But it lives safely now. The thing here is, I suffered a week since I came to knew that my dob has taken by others. That scenario haunted me like anything. Still now I love her. Still I keep the photos with me. So make sure that when to get a pet and how to take care of it, what type of pet should get that we can keep with us longer. These all questions deal with your article. So, your topic is really addressable and discussable. And the things you mentioned in your article in fact necessary for whom planning to get a pet. Anything it may be. Your grateful service and moto buried your age. Keep continue discussion.
@Ritz100 (1119)
• Spain
19 Aug 08
Hi, sorry it has taken me so long to respond, Ive been writing other articles. I am so pleased you agree that the subject is motive. I really hate the thought of people taking on an animal and then find it "doenst suit them" or "its not fashionable any more." I thank you for your story, its sad when we have to pass a much loved pet on the someone else. I know, I have had to do it too. I hope it goes some way to helping people choose the right pet for them. All the best to you.