is cellphone a necessity or a luxury?

August 13, 2008 6:32am CST
after a long day work, i used to stay outside my aunt's computer station, i can see people from all walks of life(since it is located along the high way),.but majority of the passers are high school i noticed, most of the students (if not all) who passes by the street used to hold books on their left hand and a cellphone on their right hand..doing something on their cellphone, like listening to music, playing games, and texting --- while walking --- ...and i have also observed that as young as high school students, they got cellphones of new models.. now i've come to realize, is cellphone now adays a necessity or a luxury?
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• Malaysia
13 Aug 08
once upon a time it was a luxury but time changed and it has become a necessity .. I believe high school students especially the girls must have one but they must be trainned not to miss use it . With danger at every corner, they need the phone to contact authorities in situations which are not healthy. How they can afford the luxurious phone is the question ? Even for me, i am using the normal phone with minimal functions ..
• Philippines
14 Aug 08
thanx for responding,.i agree with you...high school girls need to have cell phone for that purpose.they just need to use it on important matters and try not to over use texting while classes is going on or staying late at night for texting... again, thank you and have a nice day!
• Indonesia
13 Aug 08
hi there, yes, sometimes it happens like that. in the beginning, cellphone maybe used for luxury. but now i think it's a necessity for many of us. i need cellphone as we don't have fix phone in our house, and we don't find it's needed. cellphone is more portable and the price is not an issue anymore.
@vampiria (67)
• India
13 Aug 08
It is a luxury, no doubt but people have become so obsessed with cellphones that it has become a necessity.