The pros and cons on

@dagda24 (367)
August 13, 2008 6:42am CST
If you're in to reading or writing in a big way then the chances are that you have stubled upon I first encountered it when it was little more than a year old I was in my late teens. At this time it was the most amazing site I had encountered because it was focused purely on writing, reading and reviewing. It was pretty much the only specialist site of it's type. Over the years I've dipped in to and out of but as it's developed I've moved further away from it. In the early days the best way to gain a good reputation on was to write good material or provide quality reviews but these days it seems more like a personality popularity contest. It's like being back at school. I agree that community and support is a good thing but it now seems that on top of writing and reaviewing you have to be friends with the right people, enter the right contests, run contests, take part in activities. These are al great things but I feel the detract from what the site is about - WRITING. Does anyone else feelt he same way or am I just going mad?
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