Life is like a young keen student, don't you think?

@medicguy (307)
August 13, 2008 8:08am CST
Yes, for me, experiencing life is to learn from my own mistakes and adapt to changes that I know would help me succeed in the near future. Think life as a young tree that has not fully matured yet. The roots of which are definitely bitter, sour and nevertheless, pungent to say the least. However, we all start with solidifying our foundation, don't we? If our base is weak, we would be an easy victim to atrocities. So once we have made sure that we are unshakable, then we can grow, mentally, physically and spiritually. So once our tree of experiences and knowledge matures and starts flowering its sweet fruits of success, then those roots that tasted disgusting won't matter as after every dark storm, a rainbow brightens the sky for hope. For knowledge is something that opens your mind to the world and once your understanding becomes transparent, then it becomes easy to appreciate that the fruits of your hard work are the most sweetest things that one could ever try and be proud of. Thank you for reading this, please leave your feedback if you wish.
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