mom, i love you and i know you mean well...but this has gotta stop...

@raclie (1732)
August 13, 2008 11:42am CST
well... first it was the nose job... and now it is the pimples? i mean... the nose job... well... i want it... and she allowed me to have it since she has a flat nose as well and knows how is it liked to be teased. but.... pimples? i dont get it... why?!?!?! i mean.. they are not that bad... and they are not really really big.... just small annoyance.. and plus... they are not even pimples.... pimples hurts... and mine does not... well... i mean... i think i know why she does that... since she spent so much on my appearience, why not go straight out to make my daughter beautiful? i get it... and i appreciate... i do, really but... it is just that.... well... a girl's confidence may be well..... rather difficult to keep up when her mom is trying so hard to change her apperance.... thats all.... well.... i dont know.... it is just... rather sweet, confusing and alot to think about all at one time... thats all...
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@deem1977 (242)
• United States
13 Aug 08
Speaking as the mother of a young adult daughter, I can identify with your mother's urge to help improve your appearance -- or at least make changes that she thinks would improve your appearance. I find myself making those kinds of comments and suggestions to my daughter also and she sometimes lets me know how much it can bother her. Of course, I am not just the mother of a daugher as I used to be a daughter myself and I remember my mother making suggestions to me about my appearance that did not always go over too well either. There can be a fine line between trying to be helpful and making people too self conscious about their appearance -- and it is difficult to walk that line correctly all the time. When it bothers you, you may want to discuss that with your mother -- as my daughter does with me. While I cannot say that such a discussion ends the mother's urge, I can say that I think more about making these kinds of offers or suggestions now that I know it can bother her. Good luck.