Why we Indians are not able to win Olympic medals.

August 13, 2008 2:08pm CST
Reasons As i believe: 1.Our inherited conception that play is only an entertainment not a specific goal. Careers are to be made in the studies while sports are only for the lucky champs. 2.We have improper guidance of the rules and regulations that needs to be followed and the way to deal with the situations. 3."We think we are the best" a common "Idiosyncrasy" that hovers around our mind not letting to feel we need to do more labor not physically but mentally as well. 4.We have lots of GURUs, lots of Godmen, Lots of Preachers that preach and manipulate the truth accordingly and eventually lead the masses to get despaired they cannot live without them and they cannot succeed without them. 5. Our philosophy to view life has been some what life negative Like "All the things mortal so why to fight for or why to bother when every one has to sublime" or it has been completely misunderstood. 6. Our body functions and the terrain ecosystem in which we live has trained us that we should be submissive or say we have less power to express ourselves physically so that also counts on mentally and we loose on many competitive fronts. What you guys feel are their any other solid reasons for our failure?
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@tthom64 (535)
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14 Aug 08
Now that you mention it, that is a really good question. I'm not Indian so I can't really respond to why, but I would like to know too why a country with so many people is not better represented at the Olympics. Are there any sports in India that are huge and have lots of fans? Like soccer or track and field? Also, I guess you have to have some infrastructure to back it up. All the training facilities, national sponsors, national championship tournaments, etc. Is that missing in India? It sounds like from your post that maybe the Indian culture just doesn't support this type of individual pursuit in something that is seen as only recreation.
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13 Aug 08
I am not Indian but I was wondering something similar, with so many people why so few medals. I was thinking maybe this is also to do with sponsorship. In the US, and many countries, companies provide a lot of money as an incentive for athletes, and will work to develop them. In other countries, like China, kids are taken from a very young age and trained by the government to compete. Is there anything like this in India?