Who works from home and are successful?

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August 13, 2008 4:04pm CST
I've had this interest in my interest list since I joined MyLot a year ago, but have realized that no one had started a conversation within it. So, let me be the first. Who here works from home? What kind of business are you in: e-commerce, internet marketing, website design, or what? Are you successful? I know that is a subjective question since successful to me may not be successful to you. But are you able to pay your monthly bills and are you able to save money and/or buy yourself some extras? I work from home. I build websites, maintain them, and do other related work. I also have an online store (e-commerce). I will be acquiring a full-fledged hosting company in the coming months, so for me to say I'm successful is a bit premature. We make the monthly bills with what I do, yes. But things are still tight. But will get better once I own the new business.
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@ersmommy1 (12600)
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13 Aug 08
I work from home. And it depends on your definition of successful. I found a part time independent contract position. If you measure success by pay then no I am not successful. I make much much less than when I worked outside the home. However, I save on gas, and daycare. I am home when my daughter gets home from school. We have bit of extra cash to play with. I do not pay the bills with what I make, but the family is happy.
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15 Aug 08
Exactly what I mean. We all have our own definition of successfulness in regards to our home business. While I'm sorry you are not making as much as if you had a traditional job, the benefits of being home with your kids and saving on gas and car maintainence is a plus. Thank you for responding!