What Do You Think Makes You Different From Other Mylotters?

United States
August 13, 2008 5:08pm CST
this is really a tough question i wanna ask each of you. there are currently almost about 140,000 mylotters in the world, but what makes you different from the other?
4 responses
• Philippines
13 Aug 08
I think the mere fact that each person grew up in a different environment, interacted with different people, experienced different experiences, learned different learnings in a different method... each individual is different. What makes me different from other Mylotters? My being. My experience. My personality. Ultimately, nobody is really the same. Good day!
@intimate36 (1416)
• Pakistan
14 Aug 08
I am just like any other mylotters... And if , there is any difference , You are in a better position to tell me , the difference...
@myklj999 (18182)
13 Aug 08
Am I any different? Or are we all just lost souls trapped on this planet, wandering far and wide in search of elusive wisdom with which to ease our troubled minds?
@ishralene09 (2260)
• Philippines
13 Aug 08
Hmm...I think the only difference is I'm the only one named Ishrael...if there are others...then I'm no different than anyone else, I'm just a man for goodness's sake.