Have you ever lose..your faith to God...?

August 13, 2008 11:34pm CST
Some of us are experiencing difficulties in life..hardships and trials that we have to overcome in our everyday life...in order to face tomorrow..some are loosing their faith because they thought that they are experiencing those things because He left them from suffering..that He forget them.. Based on your experience..is there any point of your life that you have ever lose your faith to Him? why?
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@sagittar (107)
• Malta
14 Aug 08
I think that not some of us but many of us have difficulties in life. yes to be a good person you have to suffer and some times you see that evil bad humans have a more lifely life, happily, have all that they want etc, some times yeah I lose faith in him because I see all this suffering from the good guys and I see that the bad guys are more happier, I know at last they will suffer more the bad guys than the good ones but, it is difficult some times to accepted. WHy those who have a good attitude, are kind have to suffer, why He do not do something to relieve them from the suffering? Once I lost faith in him because, I work with person with a disability, and when I see that because of their disability are already suffering, why he let some poeple who have power, make their life more difficult? Yeah at that moment I lost faith in Him.
@izathewzia (5142)
• Philippines
14 Aug 08
I must admit that there are times I forgot God. But never did my faith fades. It is always there. It was just that situations sometimes seemed unbearable that is why I felt like forgetting Him.